My classes flow in four month sessions and if there is space in a class you can always join for a pro-rated amount mid-season.  If you miss a class, there is opportunity to make-up the class in the current session if there is space with a similar class of the same price range by contacting Sue.

Each class, every single week, is unique.  They are created intentionally with movement themes and goals and because I know who is arriving at each class, each member becomes a part of this creation process.

Note: Sue Abell reserves the right to alter schedules and locations after the season begins as the result of special circumstances due to, but not limited to, instructor illness or injuries, inclement weather, space availability and minimum class size requirements not being met. Membership fees will be compensated accordingly if membership status is impacted or the season will be extended. If within the first two weeks of the current season you reconsider your membership, you are eligible for a refund minus the weeks already lapsed before you notified Sue Abell. If you need to drop out of the rest of the current season due to illness or injury, you are eligible for a refund minus the weeks already lapsed from the time you notified Sue Abell.


Waiver of Liability