NEW SEASON STARTED OCTOBER 1 and we had a great first week with the “Sue’s Fall Favourite Things” giveaway.  Congratulations to the winners!     

Begin right away or start at anytime and your fees will be pro-rated to your start date.  Membership pricing is a one-time payment for the entire three month session.

Try out a complimentary week of classes by writing Sue ( and if you love it, sign-up at any time in each session on a pro-rated basis.    

Whether it’s lifting weights, pumping cardio or flowing with strength in yoga, this is a community where you are encouraged and supported to do what works for YOU.  Do what you love, in a way that feels good,  to create a positive shift in your physical and mental wellness.

Since March 2020 and the shift online, the MOVE community has grown due to the accessibility of programming and the combination of LIVE weekly classes, recordings of 9 of the 16-18 LIVE classes to access at anytime, a monthly rotating list of 24 private YouTube videos and a return to some outdoor in-person classes.  This is a space where there is engagement before and after classes, you are known by name and acknowledged as an individual and there is a steady flow of interaction, challenge and teaching.   

Some MOVE moments: