…”Chat with Sue”…

Crafting a workout regime and schedule that makes sense.  Clarifying and establishing nutrition shifts to feel and move better.  Changing the present to attain personal goals related to business and body.

That’s what “Chat with Sue” coaching is all about.

I’m a good listener and if there is one element that is lacking in society it’s having someone who will truly go silent and allow you to speak and muse and pull questions and answers out of your own self.  And from that…forward movement happens with a coach like me.

With over 30 years in fitness and wellness and an international business career in the middle of those years, I use all of my expertise and life wisdom to listen, ask the tough and good questions that surface and work with you to create an action plan for change.  Sound kind of mushy and fluffy?  It’s not, in fact, getting the words out and into the written word makes it more concrete and attainable.

How does it work?

You contact me via email to sue@moveabell.com or call/text at 905-580-9777 and we set up a 10 minute call to make sure it’s a fit.  We then move forward with a 45 minute phone call or ZOOM video call to talk, shift and create actions which I scribe and send to you via email.  Then, we “meet” twice more for 15 minutes to check in on the actions, the adjustments that need to be made, the forward movement and successful changes.  Recommended time between meetings is 2 weeks to work through change and integration.

Investment for this package: $120 including HST