How are you doing?  How are you feeling?  What’s going well?  What do you want to shift?  What questions do you have?

In the “chat with sue” one on one personalized coaching we start with these questions and you talk and explore as I listen and write.  It’s a safe place to speak without judgement, rules or expectations based on “shoulds” and “must do” generalizations.   Between the first meeting and subsequent follow-ups a plan is created and a step forward is taken.  You set the stage for why we are communicating, whether it be creating a new movement routine, delving into the world of goal setting, fine-tuning strength and cardio alignment, learning more about nutrition and recipes or simply having an accountability partner as you shift.

Step 1: Think you might be interested or want to know if it’s a fit?  Email me at to set up a complimentary and confidential 10 minute phone/zoom call.

Step 2: If it’s a go we begin with a one hour virtual appointment digging deep into the four starter questions and beyond as you share and we discover the way forward for you.

Step 3: Your words become a written plan which I craft and email to you for review, using my unique format which includes lifestyle elements and an intention statement which I see as key elements.

Step 4: Two weeks later we have a 30 minute follow-up virtual appointment to review, update progress, answer questions.

Step 5: Final 30 minute virtual appointment at a mutually agreed upon time.

Financial Investment for the above program: $200 including HST

Additional Coaching Appointments

After completing the kick-off “chat with sue” coaching program you may wish to continue meeting for support, a regular check-in, a development of your plan or for the accountability partnership.

Here are two options:

6 weekly or bi-weekly thirty minute appointments: $190 including HST (note: to be used within 4 months of purchase)

12 weekly or bi-weekly thirty minute appointments: $350 including HST (note: to be used within 8 months of purchase)

My Disclosure: As a fitness and nutrition professional I recognize the individuality and precious life of each client and therefore do not sell promotional food or wellness products/services focused on the short-term “fix”. My disciplined and thoughtful approach is centered on the client and the question of “if you cannot do it for a lifetime and/or if you wouldn’t want your best friend or parent to do it why would you start it yourself?”.  The greatest gift I can give in honoring those who I work with is to encourage them to be kind, gentle and honest with themselves and for me to use my skills and listening ear recognizing my scope of practice and referring out when it’s right.