Class Descriptions

Virtual Tabata = a 25 minute class of high intensity intervals of muscular cardio and body-weighted muscle.  Typically 6 sequence pairs of 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest.  And sometimes it’s mixed up a bit with slighter longer intervals of work.  This is a member and instructor favourite because all it requires is a mat and the endorphin rush is top notch!  Lots of opportunities to modify movements so this class is accessible to all levels.

Virtual Cardio and Strength  = this class is focused on building strength and endurance in muscles (including the heart) using dumbbells and body-weight. Every class is different, using a variety of methods including timed intervals, supersets and dropsets, tabata and rep targets.  

In-Person Small Group Training = held in our new room at Crossfit Connection, get ready for amazing equipment (rings, turf, treadmill, air bike, kettlebells, slam balls, hurdles, dumbbells, battle ropes, etc.) and a very individual circuit training experience with every class different.  There is a big focus on form, function and personalization. The room is approximately double the size of the back room at Evolution so stations will be spread out.  Capacity in the April to June 2022 Season: 8-10 people per class.

Virtual Flow Yoga = a movement-based practice linking breath to stretch, balance and strength on our mats.  The flow will move from the mat to various standing positions and involve holds on the hands.  Options given to support a participant in their personal practice.

In-Person Intense Strength = IT’S BACK!  For 14 years this class has happened on a Tuesday night at 6:30 pm.  During the pandemic it moved virtual, but it’s now back to its spot in the auditorium at the Seniors’ Centre.  This is a choreographed to music class, with a mix of cardio and muscle.  Everyone brings a set of dumbbells and a mat.  It’s otherwise known as “the best workout dance party!”.   It’s Sue’s signature class creation and you have to experience it to know why it’s lasted for 14 years straight.  Capacity in the April to June 2022 season: 40 to 45 people.

In-Person Outdoor Blast = this class began 15 years ago on a Saturday morning on the coldest day of the year.  Operating in the Downtown Burlington core, it’s a moving muscle/cardio class using the natural landscape with its hills, curbs, stairs and ledges as our gym.  Members have the option to power walk or jog, and Sue keeps everyone together in a circuit format.  Capacity in the April to June 2022 season: 35-40 people.

Virtual Body Beat = a “choreographed to music” workout experience.   Without the bounce, vertical positioning (no mat work), higher-rep leg and arm work.  Only props required if desired are 1 or 2 lb dumbbells or soup cans.  A very sweaty and fun experience.

Private Recordings Library = classes marked with a “R” in the schedule are recorded and these are kept in the password-protected Recordings library on the MOVE website and accessible by Unlimited members.

Combined private YouTube and MOVEten Library = a private library Sue has built up of yoga/cardio/strength/interval videos accessible by 2x/unlimited members.  Starting in the summer 2022 season the YouTube library of 24 monthly videos (updated each month and always 4 brand new videos added) will also include access to the entire MOVEten library which has been in creation since December 2021.  MOVEten videos are ten minutes or less and are infusions of movement….do one, or combine a few together!