No classes Civic Day, Labor Day, University Move-in Day (TBD) and August 24 to 27 inclusive.

All classes listed are held live on ZOOM with the exception of the two outdoor classes.

* = class is recorded for publication in the private unlimited members library


6:30 am Cardio and Strength – cued (45 minutes)

9 am Cardio and Strength (45 minutes) *

6 pm Flow Yoga (45 minutes)


8 am Flow Yoga (45 minutes) *

6:30 pm Intense Strength (45 – 55 minutes) – choreographed to music *


6:15 am Outdoor Intervals Class (special class add-on and numbers limited) – FULL

8 am Body Beat (30 minutes) – choreographed to music *

9 am Outdoor Intervals Class  (special class add-on and numbers limited) – 2 spots remaining

6:30 pm Flow Yoga (45 minutes)


7 am Cardio and Strength (45 minutes) *

9 am Flow Yoga (45 minutes) *

6 pm Deep and Slow Flow  (45 minutes) *


6:30 am Tabata Body (25 minutes) *

9 am Cardio and Strength – cued (45 minutes)

Duo Saturday – only during September (mini-class recordings available July and August for Unlimited Members)

(do 1 or both and they only count as 1 class)

7:30 am Blast (45 minutes)

8:15 am Foam Rolling (15 minutes) *

Trio Sunday 

(do 1, 2 or all and they only count as 1 class)

9:30 am Body Beat (30 minutes) – choreographed to music

10:05 am Butt and Thighs (15 minutes) *

10:30 am Flow Yoga (45 minutes)

cued = in these classes I cue and coach the entire class as usual, performing only segments of the reps, offering additional form/modification tips and guiding form IF you want to keep your camera on (note: I have settings locked in so all members are entered into ZOOM classes without microphone/video and it is at the member’s discretion as to whether they ever turn either on with NO pressure to do either)

Note: there are no make-up or carry-over classes and no refunds once a membership is paid.

Note regarding one/two classes a week membership: you have flexibility as to which LIVE classes each week you choose to attend and it can change week to week.
Class Descriptions:

Deep and Slow Flow  = focusing on the principles of mobility, stability and flexibility, this class is focused on holds of 3 to 8 breaths per posture mixed with moving dynamically through movements.  Considering the extensibility of muscles, the control and range of motion at the joint and the strength of posture, this class is a must for anyone looking for a class option concentrated on decreasing injury and increasing joint health and resiliency. Props: pair of yoga blocks, flat bottomed chair, yoga strap or belt

Cardio and Strength  = previously called “Small Group Classes”, this class is focused on building strength and endurance in muscles (including the heart) using dumbbells and body-weight. Every class is different, using a variety of methods including timed intervals, supersets and dropsets, tabata and rep targets.  Two times in the week the class will be “cued” and function more as a personal training class where members have the option to keep on their camera so Sue can cue for form (note: there is absolutely NO pressure to turn your camera on and majority of members choose not to).

Flow Yoga = a movement-based practice linking breath to stretch, balance and strength on our mats.  The flow will move from the mat to various standing positions and involve holds on the hands.  Options given to support a participant in their personal practice.

Voice Instructed Flow Yoga = in the same style you have come to love, only instructed completely by voice.  An experience focused purely on the individual experience, with the richness that comes from the ability to turn fully inwards.  Option to leave camera on or off, with no pressure to do either.  Any alignment and form cues will be given in a general manner, without using names.

Intense Strength = a 45-55 minute choreographed muscle and cardio class using music to inspire us as we use dumbbells, body-weight and a mat.

Blast = previously outdoors, this class uses a flat-bottomed chair, the wall, a mat , a set of 1 or 2 lb dumbbells or soup cans and and body-weight to kick off the weekend with a powerful mix of endurance-focused muscle and cardio focused on integrating the entire body.

Butt and Thighs = a 15 minute, in your bare feet, on a mat class, targeted muscle class using your body-weight. Perfectly placed just before a Flow Yoga class.

Body Beat = a “choreographed to music” workout experience.   Without the bounce, vertical positioning (no mat work), higher-rep leg and arm work.  Only props required if desired are 1 or 2 lb dumbbells or soup cans.  A very sweaty and fun experience.

Tabata Body = a high intensity interval workout, using only your body and a mat.  Using very short energetic bursts of movement (20-25 seconds) with even shorter rest periods (5 to 10 seconds), your body will be challenged physically and mentally.