Team Training

You might be the coach or manager of a sports team looking for a team experience online where your athletes can train together at their homes.

This can be achieved via ZOOM, with a balanced full-body cardio/strength/mobility/stability workout.  A team rate is available, with the suggestion being a 45 minute/once a week session spanning 8 weeks – starting at $720 including HST.

Contact Sue at and a complimentary 15 minute call is available via phone/ZOOM to see if it’s a fit based on your needs and what Sue can offer.

Personalized Videos

Sue can create a private video(s) just for you.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, a desire for a tailored approach or simply would like something new in your workout library, a private video offers a “click and do” approach.

Contact Sue at to discuss what you’re generally looking for in terms of type (i.e. cardio and strength, yoga, stability) and length and she will give you a quote based on the length  If you would like to move forward, a 15 minute call via phone/ZOOM will be used to drill deep into your needs and then the creation process happens.

Some options available:  

Three 10 minute videos – $85 including HST

Three 20 minute videos – $150 including HST